Week One is in the books. There is a certain anxiety, excitement and then elation that accompanies the first week of CSA box deliveries. It is the culmination of the hard work that has gone into prepping and planning and planting. There is a certain amount of getting back into a routine that feels a bit like good stretch after a rigorous workout, or maybe more like after a long walk.

We delight in watching the farm come to life. We’ve spent a few of the past weekends in the greenhouse tending the tomato plants. They amaze me with their speed of growth. During the week Farmer Fels sends me photos of every new pre-fruit flower as it makes its first appearance. It is difficult not to get caught up in the wonder of how little seeds erupt into robust plants and then transform into delicious food. We feel invested in each plant. We have, after all, been caring for them since early this year when we packed multi-cell trays with seeding soil, then seeds. We kept them moist, warm and happy, and watched them grow into sturdy starts, which went into the ground and are starting to show us “what they’ve got”.

We get a kick out of eating a meal and noting how many of the ingredients we grew. I suppose that might sound conceited but I prefer to think of it as one of the rewards of this endeavor. The other reward is hearing what members are making and getting inspired by their enthusiasm. We love feeding people and feel fortunate, every day, that we’re able to do so. We have a way to go before we fulfill our ultimate farming dreams but working toward it, as we are, is satisfying, and tasty.