Hello from the Field(s)!

Farmer Fels has been working "farmer's hours", planting, weeding, and prepping for the season. It is energizing and exciting but thank goodness for strong coffee early in the morning and relaxing hot showers in the evening. 

We are resting part of the field this season, so we've leased some additional land in the valley, including another 100ft of greenhouse to expand our tomato and pepper production. Bring on the tomatoes!

Newly planted tomatoes in the new greenhouse. 

Newly planted tomatoes in the new greenhouse. 

We are a few weeks away from the first box of the season. We'll let you know as we get closer to the date. There are a few spaces still available, so if you or someone you know who is interested hasn't signed up again, there is still time.

We've just launched a new website and now you can purchase your CSA membership online! Very soon, we'll be adding fun merch for sale on the site, t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, and whole lot more. We're cooking up some fun items so you can get "your Mezza Luna on"!