A Good Day To Harvest Kale In The Rain

This past Saturday we spent most of the day in both the greenhouses, tending tomato plants (they're getting big and some of them are starting to produce fruit). Inside the greenhouse it was toasty warm and dry. Outside it was pouring rain and chilly. 

We did spend sometime outside in the rain harvesting kale for a customer. Being out in the rain with a purpose is fun. The robins were everywhere, taking advantage of the wiggly things surfacing due to the wet ground. 

Speaking of wiggly things, back inside, we weren't the only creatures soaking in the warmth of the greenhouse. Several garden snakes joined us. One of which was rather cranky, coiled up and hissing. At least that is what Farmer Fels told me. I'm deathly afraid of snakes, so I had screamed and high-tailed it outside as fast as I could. 

Aside from the snake surprises, it was a fun day.

We put together another video showing what goes into to harvesting kale. Please enjoy!