Summer is underway, although some recent days would have one thinking otherwise. The "Juneary" weather has extended into July. and we're seeing plenty of rainy gray days intermingling with warm sunny days.

While this is causing some concerns for we human types, the plants at the farm don't mind so much. We are seeing plants grow noticeably from week-to-week and we won't lie, it is a relief not to have to worry so much about watering schedules. This is worlds away from the drought of last summer, which found us losing plants to heat stress or early bolting. We also had to get a special permit to allow us to extract water from the Snoqualmie River because the well at the farm was struggling. 

Overall, things are progressing nicely this season. We're battling some pests but that is part and parcel with organic farming. One learns to work around them or surrender to them. It is farming.

We are feeling particularly in touch with the nature of, well, nature these days. The wonderment of growth and new life is balanced with other side of that proposition. We've had a couple members of our extended families pass away in the past several weeks, which gives one pause to think about the circle of life and all of those cliches. Except, they're not cliches, they are profound reminders to make sure we're living our lives to best of our abilities, to feel part of the continuity of our human families and to feel connected to our place in nature.

Spend time with your loved ones, take on a new challenge, embark on a grand adventure, eat well, be kind to your fellow beasties (human and otherwise) and for goodness sake, go outside. 

Tomato Fingers

Tomato Fingers