Visiting The Vineyard

This past weekend Farmer Fels traveled down to Northern California for a family memorial service. His sister (Elena) and her husband (Luke) are what we like to call "wine farmers". Like Farmer Fels they are hardworking and busy. Any chance to visit with them is always a pleasure, although the circumstances were a bit sad this time. It was a beautifully sunny day. Perfect for a walk around the vineyard. 

Located in Sonoma County, above Guerneville, near the Russian River the Porter Bass Vineyard has a beautiful, sweeping landscape. Luke's parents bought the property in the early 80s when it was, as they say,  a "run-down, century-old vineyard". They spent decades restoring the land and vines using organic and biodynamic farming practices.  They have two lines, the signature Porter-Bass label that features Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Zinfandel and Poco a Poco, which is their less expensive, amazingly tasty line (the Zin is super yummy).

You can't buy the wine in a store in Washington State, but you can purchase it online from various places. If you find yourself near Guerneville, arrange for a tasting. I can't think of a better way to spend some time.