New Family Members

We've kept backyard chickens for many years. Earlier this year we lost our girls to some raccoons. We were devasted. Our chickens are pets with names and were beloved friends. 

After several months, some improved security and a fresh paintjob on the chicken coop, we found ourselves ready to welcome some new chickens into our family. 

Last weekend, we drove to Baxter Barn out in Fall City and came home with six new young ladies. We think they are 4-5 weeks old, so rather than putting them out in the coop, they're in a horse trough in our propagation room where it is toasty warm. They're growing fast! They eat, drink, poop, and sleep with great aplomb.

We look forward to spending time getting to know them. I think they'll appreaciate their luck in coming to live with farmers. They can't even imagine all the veggies they'll get to eat this summer. 

Please allow me to introduce (left to right):

Fifi Mahony - Easter Egger, Dottie West -- Speckled Sussex, Penny Dreadful - Welsummer, Honey Applewood - Buff Orington.

Second Row: Joan Clawford - Barred Rock, Fanny Mahony - Easter Egger.